About Sunset Meadows


We currently have 15 lots, with 12 available.

7 lots have full utilities: water, septic, Full 50 amp electric, trash, and a parking spot. These lots range from $600 to $700/mo

You can:
  1. Build or Bring your own Tiny home as long as it meets NOAH, RVIA, and/or IRC Appendix Q code.
  2. You can order one through one of our preferred builders, or a builder of your choice
  3. We also build Tiny Homes! Shipping Container homes, specifically (2 of which are located on the property now). You can preview general layout options here, and contact us for a full list. Lot Prep Fees WAIVED when you purchase one of our Container Homes!
    * Our custom builds have limited availability, so ask now if you're interested! Shipping Container homes range from $40k to $80, depending upon the options chosen.

NOTE: All tiny homes must be owner-occupied and meet NOAH, RVIA, and/or IRC Appendix Q code.

Standard Lots come with:
  • Lots are 20 ft. wide and 50 ft. long, unless otherwise specified.
  • Freshwater connection
  • Full 50 amp electric service
  • Septic Connection
  • Trash Service
  • One Parking Spot (additional spots can be discussed, depending upon availability)

Off-Grid Lots come with:
  • * Off-Grid lots are designed to cater to smaller, highly efficient homes with Solar for electricity, composting toilets, and propane for all heat sources.
  • Lots are 20 ft. wide and 50 ft. long, unless otherwise specified.
  • Propane Tankless water heaters, Cooking, and Heating are required for all off-grid lots.
  • Freshwater connection
  • Gray water drain - septic can be added, depending upon lot location and available capacity.
  • Trash Service
  • One Parking Spot
Off-grid lots range from $400 to $500/mo

Our Process


Completed Rental Application

Prospective Tenants must submit a completed application accompanied by the application fee.
The application process may include Background, Credit and Criminal Checks
Application Fee: Paid for by tenant, $40 per person

Home Approval

Home Inspection / Review

Management will review your home, either in person or through documentation/pictures. All tiny homes must meet the requirements listed below under HOMES.

Lot Preparation

Getting Your Lot Prepared

Each lot, and tiny home, has specific needs. Our goal is to make moving into your new home spot the smoothest, easiest process possible. To that end, we take care of hard-line utility extensions and connections, walkways, and patios (gravel and/or concrete) as well as lot/pad prep.

  • The Lot Preparation fee covers the costs associated with pads, sidewalks and utility connections and can range up to $2,000.00 for standard lots (depending upon your home / lot needs) and up to $1,000.00 for off-grid lots. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee.
  • Lot Preparation needs will vary depending upon the lot you select, the requirements of your home, AND what you prefer (gravel or concrete patio, etc.). Please reach out if you have any questions and we'll do our best to answer them.
  • Lot Prep Fees are WAIVED for tiny homes we build! Ask for details.
Tiny House Placement

Moving Your Tiny Home

Now that your application and home are approved, and your lot is prepared, you can arrange to have your tiny home placed on your new lot.

Tiny House Connections

Hooking It All Up

You are responsible for the proper placement of your Tiny Home on the lot and proper installation of all utility connections in accordance with the instruction of the management.


Going Small, to Live Big

Now it's time to move in and celebrate the freedom of living tiny! Welcome to your new home!

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Just off the intersection of HWY 121 and HWY 11

469 854 9610

info (at) vertex ranch (dot) org

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